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June 10 2020. Wednesday.

This was a high tech reconnaissance Trippt. The mission was to test out the prototype Trippt to Daylesford, have a cup of tea or two and test a Tesla. We have programmed our route and get ready to leave at 10:00. Unfortunately our Trippt to Daylesford does not yet sync with the Tesla user display interface but that would be cool. 

We seamlessly navigate Melbourne thoroughfares on hands off autopilot and the vehicle takes us on a series of spaghetti ring roads. We have absolutely no idea where we are, so hopefully the car does.

We first travel to Kyneton and go for a leisurely stroll down the not very happening main strip. Lots of cute stores but nothing much seems to be open today. Assume everyone is still a bit in lockdown in these parts, or saw us coming and locked the doors? Found a cosy cafe and stopped for a slice of cake and a coffee. Did a dash around a nursery. A few interesting looking second hand furniture stores were closed. Took a few pics.

Drove to Daylesford through particularly nice countryside. Especially the town of Glenlyon. I have been to Daylesford before but I'd never been through here. Decided to check out the Botanical Gardens which are located on top of an extinct volcano. The gardens are very established and quite spectacular. The old cracked concrete lookout tower was pretty hairy to climb but a nice vista from the top. Why visit Lichtenstein when you have this just off the Calder Freeway? There was hardly anyone around which was sort of perfect. 

Daylesford Botanical GardensDaylesford Botanical Gardens lookout tower

Next walked around town which was surprisingly busy. Had lunch and checked out some of the shops in town. Then drove to nearby Hepburn Springs and walked around the paths and footbridges that crisscross a few creeks. It actually feels a bit like some spa towns in Japan around here. The mineral springs were the first in Australia and have been here since 1863. 

Found another lookout beyond Hepburn with a nice view of the surrounding forests. Then back to Daylesford Lake. We timed the walk around the lake at 27 minutes. At this point my driver was having Tesla range anxiety issues and we had to get the Tesla to a juice station in Ballarat or we were screwed. The road from Daylesford to Ballarat is also a nice one to drive.

Lake Daylesford

Note to all. Drive well back from Teslas on highways. When they have too much input from all their sensors and cameras, they occasionally freakout and slam on the brakes. 

Back home by 18:00. Perfect day.

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